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Letting Consistency Be the Key to Your Success

Scenario: You’re waiting in line at the grocery store when you receive a text from your friend asking “Why weren’t you at Zumba class this morning?” You think to yourself, that was today?; What day is it today? It’s easy to get lost in time when life keeps you busy. The key to remembering what is when and when is when is to keep a log and check it often.

Everyone gets overwhelmed once in a while, especially if you have kids and then you have to account time for their activities. Even though I don’t have kids, I am always out and about doing something. So, one of the things I do is use my calendar efficiently. When things come up, I mark it on my calendar and I refer to it often. I tell my husband a couple times a week “Don’t forget we have to do ‘this’ on Thursday.” It’s not only to remind my husband, but also to remind myself. I find that repeating tasks out loud helps me remember when things are to be done.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to stay organized, so I started searching through Microsoft Excel and found a few neat spreadsheets for you all to take into consideration. These are pretty easy to get to: Open Microsoft Excel > File > New > Templates. You will come to a screen that will let you open sample templates of time sheets, lists, planners, receipts, schedules and so much more.


I’m just showing you September from this spreadsheet, but upon opening yours, you’ll find it’s a complete 2016 calendar. I added just a few things that may come up on a large amount of viewers’ weekly tasks. The point of marking the weekly occurrence is to keep consistency. If you can control when you do certain things, such as exercising, it would help to keep it on the same days and times so you can easily remember these things. I often say to myself, “Tomorrow is Thursday, so I’m going to wake up early, exercise and then get ready for work.”

Remember, not everything comes so easily, so if you find yourself struggling to remember when tasks need to be done, refer to your calendar. The most important part is actually utilizing your calendar by marking everything down when it comes up. There are times I do not have my calendar with me when I’m out, so I use a sticky note and I stick it to my phone, so when I get home I have the reminder to put it in my calendar. There are also reminders on your cell phone; just set a detailed reminder to go off around the time you get home and when it goes off put it in your calendar. Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments and suggestions!


26 year old Bookkeeper. Likes finding things when she wants, where she wants. Doesn't have enough time in one day.

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