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Moving On

Hey everyone! Well, I guess by now you all figured out that I did not keep my promise to post more often; Forgive me!

While I haven’t been slipping on my organizational skills, I do need to work on my procrastination… The struggle.

Last year, I told you about my wedding and there has since been a strong desire to move out from a relatives home – why do we have to adult? Anyways, that’s where my time has been going; scheduling viewings, filling out applications, following up with landlords, re-visiting postings and mourning because someone else got the apartment we wanted. We have realized that finding an apartment that met all of our expectations and dreams was not the most realistic. There have been so many conversations about what we are willing to sacrifice to the point where I’m sure we have gone completely opposite to what we were looking for last year. Oh, well! During this time, keeping everything organized was one of the only things keeping me sane.

I’ve tried quite a few things until I found something that worked both for myself and my husband.


Contact name Phone number Address Rent Deposit Utilities Cats* Cat deposit Laundry in-unit Reserved parking*

I created a chart of all the essentials we needed to ask when we started reaching out to places. Our chart included things that were mandatory and things that we could settle without, such as parking (which contained an asterisk [*] next to it to show this was mandatory), laundry in-unit, cats allowed*, deposit, pet deposit, utilities, etc. We also included columns for contact name, phone number and location address. Keeping a chart kept us VERY organized. But one thing we kept running in circles about was trying to figure out what the location looked like, so this urged us to go a step further.


Smead 75688 Assortment Colored File Jackets - Letter - 8.50

[Image retrieved from]

The next thing we did was get a folder. I picked this one up at Wal-Mart and it was just a couple of dollars. I started printing out the listings that we were finding online, including pictures and notes with who to contact. Over time I started handwriting notes if we reached out to someone, had scheduled a viewing, what we thought about it and if we decided to apply, as well as when we were anticipating on hearing back from the landlord. On top of that, I organized the listings by favorites by putting the ones we were most interested in in the front and least in the back.

In this folder, I also included copies of documents I knew they would ask us for, like paycheck stubs. Overall, these tools have helped us dramatically with keep everything we need in neat little places!



24 year old Bookkeeper. Likes finding things when she wants, where she wants.

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