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How to get organized: Being efficient

Scenario: It’s that time of the year again to renew your car insurance! The bill we all love paying the most (sike)! Driving without car insurance is illegal in most states, including Illinois. Some cops are lenient if you have insurance but just forgot the card at home, while others will write you a ticket and to avoid paying you have to show the proof. Not a big deal, right?; If you have it then you just have to dispute it by showing your card and the case will get dropped – WRONG! It is a big deal because you’re wasting time to fix something when ensuring you have all of your ducks in a row to begin with could have avoided that. The key to this is being efficient and wasting time is not being efficient with your time.

One thing that I see so much is people multitasking. Some people believe multitasking is saving them time when in actuality it’s wasting time. How can you do two things at once? Our brains were not meant to function that way. What ends up happening is mistakes are made and then you have to go back and fix them. Sure, you should be proofreading your work anyways, but it ends up taking longer in the end than if you hadn’t tried doing two things at once.

As the saying goes, “Time is money” and that’s great as long as it isn’t your time or your money. If your boss has you do a task that they don’t even need, it’s wasted time but at least you got paid to do it, right? But what if you take a few hours to assemble a piece of furniture for your home in a room you don’t even use? Not only did you just waste money that could have been used on something more important or valuable but you also wasted time with the assembly.

Efficiency goes a long way! It doesn’t happen overnight but you should always think if there’s a better way of doing things.


26 year old Bookkeeper. Likes finding things when she wants, where she wants. Doesn't have enough time in one day.

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