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Time has been on my side lately. Within the past two weeks, I’ve given myself more opportunities to set myself up for better days. I’ve set aside time every day to clean, get myself ready for work and have breakfast; this is a step up from my regular routine, which was basically getting out of my bed in just enough time to look decent for work.

No, I didn’t complete the 30 day plank challenge, but I did stick to my word when it came to cleaning 30 minutes a day! Baby steps! My mornings feel less overwhelming now. In fact, I feel extremely relaxed, even when I have to plop myself at my desk and pay bills.

To add on, I recently came across an article by Allure about a woman with “glass skin”. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. I became obsessed with this because I suffer from adult acne and psoriasis, so finding products that help with my dry, yet oily and acne prone skin is a challenge.

I typically wash my face twice a day, which I started a habit of about a year ago. Now let’s not go crazy and say that I still don’t fall asleep with makeup on, because I’m only human and I break this habit every now and then. But, when I find something that works, I typically stick with it pretty well.

Anyways, I was in a really good mood yesterday and decided to head to the store to pick a couple of these out. I’m not a 5 step woman. My ideal skin care routine consists of 2 or 3 super quick and simple steps and/or products. Therefore, I opted in for the makeup wipes, exfoliating scrub and hydrating cleanser. I already have a super awesome wash-off charcoal face mask from my Mary Kay days that I use once every month or so. Going forward, I am definitely going to try using it at least once a week. I’m on day two and 3 uses and, so far I’m very happy with the way my face feels.

I need to push myself to clean my makeup brushes more than once a month, too, because I feel like this contributes to my acne.

Better days are coming! Stay posted and thanks for sticking around!


26 year old Bookkeeper. Likes finding things when she wants, where she wants. Doesn't have enough time in one day.

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