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It’s all about the timing

This weekend was a great one! I always hear that once you get older and have kids, your birthday’s aren’t the same. So when I thought about my husband turning 28 last week, I thought it would be really great to bring all of his favorite people together to celebrate. Doing this took time. All of our family had at least an hour of travels, so I wanted to get the word out ASAP. I also didn’t want to be stressed, so I started planning 5 weeks ahead of time.

First thing was getting together a guest list: I sent a text to everyone letting them know I was having the party. You know… typical. So my plan was following up a couple days before the party, but I didn’t realize that someone didn’t get my message because my phone has trouble sending texts to iPhones (laughs at self). Thankfully, my grandma called to remind me.

I had the chicken ordered over a week ahead of time to be sure the restaurant could accommodate the bulk order. Thank God I didn’t choose to bake the chicken like originally intended, because it turned out to be a HOT day! More on that later…

I coordinated with everyone 2 weeks out to see what they were bringing and then wrote a grocery list based off what was missing. I checked with everyone a couple days before to be sure they were still coming so I knew if I had to add anything to my list.

I went shopping 2 days before the party to give myself ample time for any last minute shopping. Turns out I needed the leg room, because I forgot to put oil on my list. I ended up going to the store the morning of the party to pick some up.

I had the entire morning planned prior to the start of party to get myself ready, my dogs settled and start cooking. I woke up at 8am (my alarm was set for 11am but sleeping pregnant isn’t an easy task) so I had more than enough time to de-stress and calmly get everything done.

I cleaned my house like a maniac all week long. This turned out to be the really funny part, because the party ended up being outside. The original plan was to use the empty nursery as a dining room for the day. I had tables and chairs set up to accommodate everyone. As the day went on, I realized quickly that plans needed to change because the temperature was warmer than expected. We were anticipating 58 degree weather with rain and we actually got 72 degree weather with no clouds.

For anyone who knows me, I DO NOT like changing plans. My husband has been telling me to chill out more. He says to stop stressing, because that turns a fun moment into a tense one. I was super proud of myself when I had to change plans because it rolled off my back like it came second nature to me. I didn’t even dwell on it. To be honest, I had a lot more to worry about than where everyone sat.

I saw everyone gathering outside – no one wanted to come in a hot house! So we started taking chairs out. I am super grateful for my mom, who took over frying the tostones so I coild get some fresh air. Without her, I’d likely would have passed out. When it came time for dinner to be served, I just knew we were all going to be miserable inside, so I delegated my husband, dad and father-in-law to take the tables outside. I’m really happy we didn’t have any fly/bee incidents!

Ultimately, the party turned out to be a success! My husband and guests had a great time. We were really happy that we got to see all of our family at the same time.


26 year old Bookkeeper. Likes finding things when she wants, where she wants. Doesn't have enough time in one day.

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