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Why I never invite people over …

I saw this hashtag today that asked people to state the reasons why they never invite people over and I came up with so many off the bat, that I just had to share this funny with everyone!

1. My pets shed too much and removing all of it on the furniture takes a million years. If you come over, expect to leave with some of my cat.

2. Speaking of pets – my dogs get so excited when people come over and then they want to play with everyone but are so hyper and big, it ends up being a curse.

3. I’m super introverted, so even though I want people to come over, I also just want to be alone in my bubble.

4. Some people don’t respect your time. They tell you they’re coming at one time, come much later and then stay forever!

5. I’m a perfectionist so then I have to clean my house until it’s spotless because I don’t like being judged. Proof – my turtles tank got cleaned for the first time in 2 months for my husband’s party. And it still barely looked clean (I know, turtles are dirty, but this killed me). Then no one came inside because it was too hot, which killed me even more – read about it on “It’s all about the timing”.


26 year old Bookkeeper. Likes finding things when she wants, where she wants. Doesn't have enough time in one day.

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