De-cluttering games!

Hello, All! Every once in a while I get a bright idea that I have to share; this one is something I saw online. I haven't tried some of these yet but I feel like it's going to be a pretty successful task. 1. Take a picture of each room. Look at these pictures to … Continue reading De-cluttering games!


How to get organized: Being efficient

Scenario: It's that time of the year again to renew your car insurance! The bill we all love paying the most (sike)! Driving without car insurance is illegal in most states, including Illinois. Some cops are lenient if you have insurance but just forgot the card at home, while others will write you a ticket … Continue reading How to get organized: Being efficient

Getting Your Groove Back

Hey everyone! I often find myself flustered trying to squeeze all these tasks and chores into just a couple days, such as the fabulous weekend. Weekends are so precious and fly by faster than we'd like them to, so doesn't it make sense to leave the mandatory tasks for during the week? It's always such … Continue reading Getting Your Groove Back

Getting organized: working with what you have

Hey everybody! Last time I blogged I told you all about our efforts to move out. Since that has been postponed, my husband and I (basically my idea) have decide to work within the means we have been dealt. Therefore, we have been working on organizing the space we have to better suit our needs. … Continue reading Getting organized: working with what you have

Avoid Stressing About Your Bills!

Hey everyone! In the past I’ve started my posts with scenarios. Well, the scenario I would have written was going to sound quite similar to one I’ve detailed in the past, so I’m going to get to all the good stuff instead. In today’s day in age, technology has become extremely advanced to the point … Continue reading Avoid Stressing About Your Bills!

Letting Consistency Be the Key to Your Success

Scenario: You’re waiting in line at the grocery store when you receive a text from your friend asking “Why weren’t you at Zumba class this morning?” You think to yourself, that was today?; What day is it today? It’s easy to get lost in time when life keeps you busy. The key to remembering what … Continue reading Letting Consistency Be the Key to Your Success

How to Stay Organized: De-cluttering

Scenario: It's midday and you're hanging out on the couch when a commercial comes on to sponsor gorgeous pairs of heels. You think twice before hopping online to purchase them because you remember buying a pair very similar to them a few months ago. So, you head to your closet and browse around clothes and … Continue reading How to Stay Organized: De-cluttering

Tips and Tricks To Staying Organized: Creating a Budget

Scenario: Your girlfriend calls and says she wants to go on a date; preferably a movie. You don't enjoy going to the theatre because ticket prices are rocketed through the roof - but you still say yes to the romantic date. During the show you receive a text message from your bank that you have … Continue reading Tips and Tricks To Staying Organized: Creating a Budget